State fair to sell alcohol this year, local wine and beer take center stage

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INDIANAPOLIS – Local breweries and wineries will be able to apply online to sell their beer and wine at the Indiana State Fair this year.

Beer and wine will only be sold inside Grand Hall. Hoosiers can purchase beer and wine daily between 1 p.m. and 9 p.m., and they will not be allowed to leave that area. It is restricted to people who are 21 years old and over, plus there will be security.

State Fair officials said the idea behind the exhibition is to promote Indiana’s agriculture.

“At one point there were people thinking we were going to sell beer and wine on every corner at the State Fair, but that’s just not the case. It’ll be sectioned off in that hall. There will be a very small amount available and it’s really going to be kind of (like) a tasting room,” Senator Jim Merritt said.

State Fair officials are still working out some details to their plan. It is unclear whether people will be limited to the amount of drinks they can purchase inside Grand Hall.

Jeff Durm is the owner of Buck Creek Winery in Indianapolis. He wants to sell his wine at the fair this year. Buck Creek Winery makes 35 wines and has four and a half acres of vineyard.

“If we’re able to participate we will. We would really love to ’cause we’re actually in Indianapolis. We’re on the edge of Marion County and have a vineyard and would love to participate,” Durm said.

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