Indiana State Police launch new ‘Full Court Press’ campaign to keep drivers safe during March


Starting Friday until March 21st, there will be a visible increase in Indiana State Police patrols showing zero tolerance for people driving aggressively, over the speed limit, or under the influence. 

The campaign is called “Full Court Press”, named after a basketball defense tactic as a way to relate to the tournaments coming to the state in March. 

Sergeant John Perrine with ISP says he knows this time of year, with the tournaments and St. Patrick’s Day, people will be celebrating. Those celebrations can include alcohol, but people should be celebrating responsibly.

He says they should follow COVID-19 guidelines and make a plan to get home safely if drinking is involved. 

“In today’s world, there’s so many options to get home. Whether it’s a ridesharing service or calling a friend or a family member or a traditional taxi service. Whatever it may be. You can even consider calling a tow truck, having your vehicle towed from where you’re at to home,” Sgt. Perrine said. 

He says it may be expensive to have your car towed home, but chances are it would be cheaper than getting arrested for a DUI or being involved in a crash. 

Drivers are asked to follow posted speed limits, never drive impaired and plan for a safe and sober ride home, not tailgate or drive aggressively, put down the phone and avoid distracted driving, and always buckle up. 

“Our job is to make sure that the roads are safe for everybody. If somebody makes the selfish decision to drink and drive, or drive aggressively or recklessly then it’s our duty to intercept that person and take enforcement action, whatever that enforcement action may be in order to make the roads safer for you and I,” said Sgt. Perrine. 

The overtime patrols are funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

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