Indiana State Senator’s daughter found safe after desperate search

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (August 15, 2015) — An Indiana State Senator is opening up about the frantic search for his missing daughter. Mike Delph says his eight-year-old daughter Lilly was gone for almost two hours, but an intense search ended with her being found. State Senator Delph described it as the worst 90 minutes of his life, and now he’s thanking the Lord that this was the resolution and not something worse.

“The most helpless feeling I’ve ever had in my life was when we turned over a picture of Lilly to the police,” Delph said.

The drama started while the family was having a discussion over coffee.

“We were all sitting in our family room talking about an upcoming trip that we’re planning to Disney World,” Delph said.

When they started calling out Lilly’s name, there was no answer. Then, panic set in after neighbors hadn’t seen her and an intense search got underway.

“Just about every neighbor in every house [you can see] was out looking for her,” he said.

Delph also called Carmel police who showed up quickly and joined the search. Finally, almost 30 minutes later, Lilly was found at a friend’s house down the street.

“We were playing mansion with all the toy houses,” she said.

Lilly had no idea her everybody was looking for her. State Senator Delph’s advice is to be vigilant, know your children’s tendencies and know who they hang out with. Also, don’t wait to call police. Lilly has some advice of her own.

“If you want to go play with your friends, double-check with your parents,” she said.

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