UPDATE: Indiana Task Force 1 arrived in Alabama Tuesday night. This morning they were sent to northern Florida where they are staged and waiting for Hurricane Ian to pass through.

Once the storm is out of the western side of the state, and initial damage assessments begin to come in, the team is poised to move from northern Florida to the western coast of Florida if needed.  


INDIANAPOLIS — Hurricane help from Indiana is on the way.

Indiana Task Force 1 has been activated to deploy in support of Hurricane Ian, which is heading toward Florida after making landfall in Cuba.

The team will consist of 45 personnel and 6 support members. They were scheduled to depart at 10:30 a.m. and will head to Alabama for staging.

Task Force 1, which specializes in search-and-rescue operations, last deployed in late July to assist with flooding in Kentucky. The group returned to Indiana on Aug. 11.