Indiana Task Force 1 helping out with Hurricane Ida relief in Louisiana


JEFFERSON PARRISH, La. — Indiana Task Force 1 is one of many groups helping in Louisiana helping with the destruction that Hurricane Ida left behind.

The crew is serving in Jefferson Parish where they’re searching for trapped or injured people. Task force leaders say that there is not much in the way of flooding but the winds caused massive damage. The main problem right now though is power outages.

“The worst thing probably right now is just power outage and then obviously with power outages mean nothings open,” said Gerald George, task force leader for Indiana Task Force One. “Fuel places are not open, food stores are not open, we’re driving back and forth to Lafayette Louisiana, which is about a two-hour drive, just to get back to a place where we can stay with air conditioning.”

Officials are working with task force members to try and open distribution centers for food, water, and fuel to help locals. State and local officials say it could be a month before the power returns to some affected areas.

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