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(Jan. 7, 2016) – Several Indiana universities have decided they’ve seen enough when it comes to hoverboards.

Indiana University, Purdue University and Butler University have all taken steps to ban them.

According to Associate Vice President of Public Affairs Mark Land, Indiana University made the decision this week. Hoverboards are no longer allowed in the residence halls because they’re a potential fire hazard. There have been numerous reports of the boards catching fire while charging.

Land said the boards are still allowed on campus, but they can’t be ridden or stored at residence halls. He said the university felt it needed to take action as a safety precaution.

Brian Zink, director of Purdue News Services, said the West Lafayette school has a similar policy. While hoverboards aren’t banned from campus, they’re not allowed in university residences.

Butler University is taking a tougher stance. In a message posted this week, John Conley, director of Law Enforcement and Security Services, said hoverboards are banned from campus effective immediately.

Conley also cited concerns that boards pose a fire hazard and are responsible for numerous injuries on college campuses.