Indiana woman filmed during heroin binge now recovering

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LEBANON, Ind. – On July 4, 2017, Michelle Krickmore almost lost it all during a heroin binge at a Lebanon city park.

During the episode, passersby filmed her writhing around on the ground while overcome by the drug’s effects. Police arrested her and the video then made its way around social media

Now, five months later, Krickmore said she is clean and working on her recovery

“The woman in that video,” said Krickmore, “she was lost, angry, bitter, careless.”

Krickmore said the video has haunted her, but also inspired her to turn her life around.

“When I first got out of jail, and I tried watching it I couldn’t watch it,” said Krickmore, “it was devastating and embarrassing.”

Since then, Krickmore said she spent a few days in jail and was then sent to an inpatient treatment facility.

“I definitely wish that I could make some different choices over the years,” said Krickmore, “but I wouldn’t take back that day because it definitely saved me.”

She hasn’t seen her kids since that day but is writing letters to them, and getting letters back in return and said life is much better. As more Americans than ever struggle with addiction, Krickmore wants people to know it’s a fight that can be won.

“Don’t be scared to reach out, and don’t think that you’re weak because you’re helpless,” said Krickmore.

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