Indiana woman gets help after being taken over by feral cats

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FAYETTE COUNTY, Ind. –  Wednesday is National Kitten Day, so it’s only appropriate we bring you an update to a story from last week.

Remember the Fayette County woman who was overran with feral cats? Her plea for help has been answered.

It was just last week that Cheryl Moffett was in a claw-ful situation.

She was feeding more than 30 feral cats, and it was costing way too much money.

It wasn’t a fur-miliar situation for Cheryl, but it was for the Low Cost Spay Neuter clinic.

They helped Cheryl a year ago with the cat-astrophe, but didn’t get all the cats fixed. This time they will.

“We were able to get about 23 cats in 2 days. I think there are only a few left, and we plan to go back tomorrow to get those,” Low Cost Spay Neuter clinic community cat coordinator Jillain Tyree said.

All the cats captured will be fixed, and their health problems will be taken care of.

“A lot of them have wounds on their paw pads. They are bloody and sore. They have sores on their neck from fleas and other kinds of insects,” Tyree said.

The treatment is costing the clinic about $3,000.

“The Spay- Neuter services of Indiana has helped a great deal in raising money to fund this, and a private donor in Anderson has been helpful,” Tyree said.

Many of the cats will go on to find their fur-ever home, and about five will be returned to Cheryl fixed.

“To know that they came out and rescued them and helped them, I mean, it’s wonderful. It just heals my heart. It brings me comfort to know they are in a good place and are going to get help,” Cheryl Moffett said.

Cheryl doesn’t plan to repeat hiss-tory.

“I did learn a good lesson. Always get cats spayed and neutered right away,” Moffett said.

Low Cost Spay Neuter clinic says Cheryl’s case is unique, and they don’t make a ton of house runs like this.

If you’re having trouble with feral cats, visit Low Cost Spay Neuter clinic’s website for help.

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