Indianapolis Animal Control seizes 178 animals from west side home

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Indianapolis Animal Care and Control officers took 178 animals from a home on the west side of the city, claiming the conditions were unsafe and unsanitary, among other issues. The owner of the majority of the animals, claims he has been taking care of the animals.

The owner was cited with 181 violations for the conditions, for illegally owning a pig in Marion County and an exotic, wild animal without a license.

Officers claim the rabbits and rats that were being kept inside a barn did not have food and water. They were also caged together, and some of the rats had eaten each other. Officials said the rats also injured the rabbits.

“It was very disgusting. The goat was living with the rats and tied up with a dog leash,” said Marcus Brown, a top official with Indianapolis Animal Care and Control.

“They were fed over the weekend by my grandmother,” said Chris Young, 17, whose father said to speak with him since Chris owns most of the animals that were surrendered.

Young said he is a breeder of snakes and other reptiles. Among the large snakes was a 19-foot snake that weighed more than 125 pounds.

“In one bedroom you had an excess of 75 snakes. Plus, they were anywhere from seven to 20-feet long. There were a lot of dirty cages,” said Brown, who said it looks like the family became overwhelmed.

A goat, pig, wild turtle, rabbits, rats, snakes and other reptiles were taken from the property. Fifty-nine reptiles remain including the largest snakes. Brown said, if a judge finds that the largest snakes pose a safety risk, IACC will return to confiscate the animals.

“It’s not a danger to anyone who doesn’t open a cage,” said Young.

“I think they mean well, but the problem is, they’re overwhelmed,” said Brown.

The family was given 30 days to clean up the cages. A court date has been set for Oct. 28.

Young’s father, Robin Young, was arrested for obstruction of justice. Officers said when they executed the search warrant, he tried to flee with the pig. It is illegal to own a pig in Marion County. Robin Young said his wife uses it for therapy.

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