Indianapolis apartment buildings targeted by coin thieves

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Jan. 21, 2015) — A sneaky criminal broke in to a downtown Indianapolis apartment building and stole money from the building’s laundry room. It’s a crime that, some say, is happening more and more around central Indiana.

In the early morning hours of January 9, a man wearing a mask broke in to the building by prying the door away from the magnetic lock. Surveillance camera footage shows him slithering down the hallway right for the laundry room. Once the guy got to the laundry room, he managed to peel open the casing around the machine’s coin slot and stole the quarters that were inside.

Apartment managers say it took six minutes from start to finish.

“Just like he came to visit an old friend,” said Larry Pond, a manager for the apartment building. “I don’t understand the logic behind this.”

Metal, three times the thickness of your car, was peeled back like a tuna can so the thief could steal the quarters.

“I would gladly give you a $10 bill if you would not destroy my building,” Pond said.

A manager for Jetz Laundry Service in Indianapolis says it’s been a huge problem recently, and very costly. They have to spend $200 to fix the damage on top the money they’ve lost to the thieves. This kind of crime isn’t happening just in Indianapolis, but in Bloomington, Columbus and Greenwood. With all of the recent thefts, Jetz wants it to stop.

“It would save us a lot of time, we could respond a lot quicker to other calls that need to be taken care of,” said Donovan Mann, Service Manager for Jetz Laundry Service.

Some people are wondering why a criminal would go through the trouble just to get away with change.

“I think it comes down to desperation and hoping that there’s something in there enough for them to quickly get out,” said Officer Rafael Diaz with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD).

Detectives from all of the areas that have seen this crime are investigating.

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