Indianapolis area nonprofits suffer from economic downturn

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Mar. 19, 2014) — New statistics released this week show the unemployment rate in Indiana is dropping. It’s a good sign for the state economy, but one area has been slower to recover…charitable donations.

After terrorists flew jets in to the World Trade Center in 2001, after Hurricane Katrina slammed in to the gulf coast in 2005, Lee Schwecke’s team of volunteers from the Indiana Crisis Assistance Response Team marched in to those disaster areas to help provide relief.

“We’re giving more the emotional support and letting them know that their reactions are typical, okay. We make a lot of referrals for follow-up care,” Schweke said.

It’s noble work that can’t be done without generous Hoosiers. They need their website, they need their telephone service to call up the volunteers.

“Our major source of income is when we do a training, but it costs money to do a training, it costs money to duplicate the manuals that we use for training,” she said.

Then there’s “Brooke’s Place” on the north side.

“We support kids who are grieving the death of someone significant, we have support groups and professional counseling for them throughout the year,” said Kelley Romweber, CEO of Brooke’s Place.

They, too, have suffered the ill affects of the economic downturn over the last few years. It is the harsh reality that kids will be dealt tragedy, so they’re taking success stories that donation’s have helped make to the streets. That’s not all.

“Well managed nonprofits require a financial audit, that does not come free unfortunately, so there’s costs to that,” Romweber said.

That’s what donations do for charities and non profits, so their work can continue.

“There is no other place that provides the support that we provide all year long,” she said.

Both of these non-profits and other’s do so much more. Brooke’s Place does accept donations on their website. You can also reach out to I-CART.

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