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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — An Indianapolis bail bondsman accused of killing two teens outside his home was found guilty of the murders Friday.

Testimony in the week-long trial concluded with the suspect Kevin Watkins taking the stand in his own defense. Just minutes into his testimony, Watkins broke down in tears but then composed himself and remained calm for two hours as he told the jury he killed the two teens in self-defense.

The killings took place on Christmas Eve 2015 outside Watkins’ home.

The two victims, 15-year-old Timmee Jackson and 16-year-old Dionne Williams, died after being cut seven times each with a tomahawk. Almost all the wounds were to the victims’ heads, and not from the front.

A large blood trail and brain matter belonging to the victims made it impossible for anyone to dispute where the deaths had taken place.

Facing overwhelming physical evidence, Watkins admitted to the killings, but claimed of the two teens pointed a gun at him, forcing Watkins to use a tomahawk to fight the teens off.

Timmee Jackson (left) and Dionne Williams (right).

On the witness stand Watkins told the jury, “I started striking both of them…I was frantic and trying to defend myself…it happened in a flash.”

After the killings Watkins admitted going to his bail bonds business to try and hide the evidence.

In an attempt to explain why he hid Jackson’s body near a wooded pond in Indianapolis and buried Williams’ body in a field in Shelby County Watkins said, “I was scared…panicked…I wasn’t thinking rationally…in a rational state of mind you handle stuff differently.”

Prosecutors again argued Watkins murdered the teens because he believed the pair had burglarized his home a week before the killings.

Prosecutors also pointed out that Watkins was well trained and worked for 20 years hunting down felons. They say he acted out of anger and not panic.

Sentencing for Watkins is set for late March.