Indianapolis declares Knozone Action Day for June 3


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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– The Office of Sustainability in Indianapolis issued a Knozone Action Day for Saturday, June 3.

Officials say the air quality may become unhealthy for sensitive individuals, especially active children, the elderly and anyone who suffers from lung disease or other health problems.

Those who could be affected are encouraged to spend less time exerting energy outdoors on these days. Anyone with concerns or questions about if they are affected should contact a doctor.

“Along with the sunshine of the warmer months comes smog and air quality concerns,” said Mayor Joe Hogsett. “On Knozone Action Days, I urge those most vulnerable in our community to take steps to protect their health. But Knozone Action Days should also serve as a reminder that we can work to improve our air quality every day – that small changes can have a lasting impact on making Indianapolis a more breathable city for all.”

The forecast for tomorrow indicates that ground-level ozone values may be high. This is the main contributor to smog in urban areas.

Smog is formed when emissions sources like cars and lawnmowers react with heat and sunlight. This year, “Knozone season” in Indianapolis will run from March through October, when ground-level ozone is more prevalent.

The City of Indianapolis provided these tips to help residents reduce their contribution to ground-level ozone:

  • Reduce vehicle idling, including in drive-thru lanes
  • Use active forms of transportation (walking, biking or public transportation)
  • Fill gas tanks and mow after 7 p.m.

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