Indianapolis emergency dispatch system targeted in cyber security attack

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Jan. 20, 2015) – The Emergency Dispatch System for the city of Indianapolis was targeted during a week long cyber security attack. It could have hampered the city’s ability to dispatch emergency vehicles on time.

City officials first spoke publicly about the attack nearly a month after it happened. The attack occurred back in December, sometime around Christmas.

Public Safety Director Troy Riggs said he held off on publicly speaking about the attack because of an ongoing investigation. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are investigating the source of the threat.

“I don’t want to get too much into it just simply  because it’s still being investigated but in most of these attacks you just get bombarded with information and messages and fishing and trying to do that and it really did slow down some of our capabilities,” said Riggs.

Riggs said it slowed down the Public Safety Communications System but did not impact response times. He described these attacks as the greatest threat facing American cities today.

“We’re going to learn from this but you’re only as good as the last attack that you survive and we’re going to continue address the needs that we have within the department of public safety,” said Riggs.

Indianapolis is constantly working to safeguard itself against threats. The city hosted a cyber security summit last year and Riggs has attended a conference on the topic in Washington D.C.

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