Indianapolis EMS prepares for winter

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Indianapolis EMS is preparing for winter.

“We just installed, it’s been a multi-year project, blanket warmers and fluid warmers in the ambulances so that we can give our patients warm blankets as well as warm fluids which is really exciting,” Glennis Henderson, a paramedic with IEMS, said.

The ambulances have been loaded with blanket warmers and salt to help ambulances on slick ground. EMT’s and paramedics are also donating hats and gloves to hand out to those in need.

IEMS says they deal with the same cold temperatures, ice, and potholes that you do.

“These things are built to be like tanks. so there’s not much that will affect the ambulance. We do see issues involving potholes, but a lot of that is with suspension systems and some of the horns that are placed, the sirens down on the lower fenders. those we see some issues with. That and keeping the tires all up to date,” Brian VanBokkelen, the public affairs manager at IEMS, said.

VanBokkelen said keeping the ambulances in shape for winter weather, and all year, boils down to staying on top of regular maintenance.

“So we do lots of regular maintenance, making sure the tires are checked regularly, making sure the engines are in tiptop shape. In the wintertime we find out that they idle more, so we have to make sure the heaters are ready and that everything, all the fluids, all the levels, all the suspension systems, everything’s ready for the winters and for the road conditions that can pop up here in Indianapolis,” he said.

It’s something IEMS says they’re on top of no matter the season.

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