Indianapolis faith leaders describe progress after meeting with Mayor Hogsett


INDIANAPOLIS — In the shadow of the City-County Building, home to Mayor Joe Hogsett’s office and IMPD headquarters, faith leaders and community members came together and used their moment to demand change.

Faith in Indiana held a press conference across the street from the CCB building. It is an organization that fights for racial and economic justice.

The group said they met with Mayor Hogsett’s office on Thursday morning to go over Faith in Indiana’s LIVE Free Law Enforcement Agenda. The seven point agenda calls for multiple actions including ongoing de-escalation and procedural justice training and require independent investigations of police violence.

The meeting with Mayor Hogsett’s office came after more than 1,000 people gathered in the same spot across the City-County Building with Faith in Indiana on Sunday. They called on the mayor to meet with the delegates of the Faith in Indiana. The organization was appreciative of Mayor Hogsett’s expedited response.

Faith in Indiana said progress was made in the meeting. IMPD confirmed it has submitted a set of drafts for the use of force policy. It is now under review. The department expects changes and edits before a final policy is approved and adopted by the agency.

IMPD Chief Randal Taylor said once the revised use of force policy is adopted, it will be put on their website for the public to see.

During the press conference, several Indianapolis pastors encouraged their community to be actively involved and be part of the movement. They called for respect for all in their city no matter their race.

One pastor said he is enraged because of what they are facing as a city, but he is encouraged by the diversity in the crowd of protestors.

Faith in Indiana said the mayor’s office plans to sit down with them again in the next two weeks to keep the conversation going.

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