Indianapolis father prays for justice for his son and others killed in Indy violence


INDIANAPOLIS — One Indianapolis father is continuing a difficult tradition. Each year, Gregory Wilson Sr. holds a vigil to pray his son’s killer is caught.

”He was a good son, I loved him,” Wilson, Sr. said.

It has now been six years since Gregory Wilson, Jr. was killed near the intersection of N Capitol Ave and W 30th St.

”He was murdered in broad daylight here on this street,” Wilson, Sr. said.

So, each year, Wilson, Sr. comes to where his son was killed to keep the pressure on whoever killed him.

”I don’t want any of these killers to think that people don’t care because when you stop addressing the issue people can kind of blend back in,” he said.

This year, Wilson, Sr. brought even more meaning to his prayers.

”There are so many families who have lost loved ones whether it was father, mother, sister uncle, brother, you name it,” Wilson, Sr. said. “And that’s why I’m here today.”

There have already been more than 220 homicides this year in Indianapolis; that’s hundreds more families just like Gregory’s.

”You see it everyday, another one dead this day, another one dead this day and we have to continue to speak,” he said. “I don’t care if I stand out here by myself.”

But he’s not alone. Each year Wilson, Sr. is joined by his friends who want the same outcome he does and they see the growing violence in their communities.

”So see this city the way it is now, it’s never been like this,” said Reggie Jones, a friend of Wilson, Sr.

The group also called for an end to the code of silence in Indianapolis.

”Let’s turn them in, these folks who are taking lives, creating this senseless violence, let’s turn them in,” Wilson, Sr. said.

He said he’ll continue to be out at the spot of his son’s killing every year, putting pressure on whoever did this and supporting families going through exactly what he is.

If you know who killed Gregory Wilson Jr. six years ago you’re encouraged to reach out to crime stoppers.

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