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INDIANAPOLIS — A longtime employee of FedEx told FOX59 that she raised security concerns over a potential active shooter incident with management last year but was ignored.

“People were saying to them, ‘They’re coming in through the turnstile, people might come in and hurt us,’” said the woman who requested anonymity in order to protect her job. “’Why would they do that? Why do you think that?’” she said was the response of FedEx management.

“A lot of people came and talked about, ‘What about protection from anyone who might come through that door? Where’s the protection at with the turnstiles? What if they came through the door?’

“I’m scared. I’m scared for my life.”

In response, FedEx issued a statement that read:

“While we do not publicly disclose information about our security processes and procedures, the safety of our team members is our top priority at FedEx. FedEx Ground has a policy regarding employee conduct as well as workplace violence awareness and prevention procedures.”

The employee said she watched Brandon Hole fire gunshots at the exterior office windows at the east end of the FedEx facility before moving to the front door and stepping inside armed with what appeared to be a pair of semi-automatic weapons.

“What scared me most was watching him swing that door open, and I knew, once he swung that door open, anybody was coming out, or going on break or even going home, they had no way out but out that one door.”

IMPD confirmed that four people died inside the building, four in the parking lot, and five others suffered gunshot wounds or injuries.

The employee said that any workers just inside the front door in a locker area where cell phones are stored would have been cornered with no escape and no ability to quickly retreat into the building through a secured turnstile, and other witnesses told her that one victim was shot in a semi-secured area just beyond the turnstile and in front of a security station where two unarmed security guards sat behind a wall and plexiglass windows.

The woman said in the split second she spotted Hole in the parking lot, she knew her coworkers were in danger.

“The gunfire and then the magazines and him running down the walkway with that gun strapped around him, and I knew that anybody in that locker, they was done for,” she said when she recognized Hole was armed with two guns. “He had one strapped around him and one holding like a strap around an AR he had, and when he got that door swung open and got to firing.”

The woman said she had worked with Hole and thought he had been employed at FedEx perhaps into the new year before he separated from employment but returned Thursday night calling out the name of a supervisor.

“He’s hollering out one particular person, one particular person, I can’t get it out of my mind, but he’s hollering for that one particular person, but he’s steadily shooting, steadily shooting, but he’s angry, he wanted somebody,” she said, speculating that Hole or someone he knew had recently been reprimanded or fired.

As the woman spoke with coworkers throughout our interview, it was clear that those FedEx employees were having second thoughts about returning to work this week, even if armed security is provided.

“A lot of people I talk to, they say they hold FedEx responsible, that we should have better protection,” she said. “My thing is, why didn’t you all have it then when people was asking y’all for our safety? For our safety. I don’t understand it. They failed as a company.”

In March of 2020, Hole’s mother called IMPD and reported that she feared her son would attempt to “commit suicide by cop.” Officers confiscated a shotgun in Hole’s possession, placed him under immediate detention and referred his case to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, IMPD Deputy Chief Craig McCartt told CBS News Sunday.

McCartt said the prosecutor’s office did not file a case based on Indiana’s Red Flag law, which prohibits an individual determined to be a danger to himself or others to possess a firearm.

In July and then again in October, IMPD reports Hole purchased two more guns.

FOX59 has reached out to both IMPD and MCPO for comment.

Last week, McCartt told FOX59 that IMPD would seek to recover any FedEx surveillance video that might provide a more detailed account of the shooting.