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INDIANAPOLIS- For the first time, we are hearing from an IMPD sergeant who responded to the mass shooting at the Fedex facility.

Sgt. Kevin Duley has been with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department for 21 years. But he says nothing compares to the scene he arrived to a little more than a week ago.

“I’ve been on the scene of some active police shootings and that was early on in my career, but this was definitely one of the most chaotic scenes I’ve ever been on,” he told us.

Sgt. Duley says he was about 10 minutes away when the report of shots fired came in. While he was responding, dispatchers were updating the total number of victims.

“No matter how fast I went it just felt like people were getting shot and I could not get there fast enough,” he said.  

He says one of the first things officers did was make sure the parking lot entrance and exit was clear so other responding officers and first responders would be able to safely make it.

Duley tells us that’s when training kicked in. Some officers formed teams and went immediately into the building so make sure there was no longer a threat. Others started treating victims outside in the parking lot.

 “I probably have eight to 10 years left on this department, and I’m sure I’ll be thinking about this afterwards as well.”

Sgt. Duley and many of the other officers did not take any time off immediately following the shooting.

We’re told counselors were available to all responding officers. An emotional support dog also showed up at roll call the next day.