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INDIANAPOLIS — Many family members and friends of employees at a FedEx facility on the southwest side are still awaiting word on their loved ones following a deadly mass shooting late Thursday where at least 8 people were killed.

Families who can not get into contact with loved ones are directed to go to the Holiday Inn Express located at 8555 Stansted Drive. Some told us they could not get ahold of family members, since they did not have their phones on them while working.

Charise Grice says her nephew Raymond works at the FedEx. She says still has not heard whether he is safe or not.

“We’re waiting. We don’t know if my nephew is ok or not. We’ve been calling his phone, texting him. They said their phones are locked up, they can’t have them at work.”

Other families are expressing relief after receiving news their loved one is ok. Our Darius Johnson captured the moment a family celebrated after hearing their loved one is safe.

Another man tells us that his wife works in the facility. She texted him to tell him that there was an active shooter at the facility.

“My wife works in there and she texted me to tell me there’s an active shooter and we communicated back and forth for a while, she’s since notified me she’s okay,” said Ian Johnston. “After I communicated with her for a while, then it went silent for a while, so I came here just to see what was going on and she texted me I’m okay.”

One man, identified only as “Mr. Mitchum”, was emotional when he expressed his gratitude over his son being safe.

He told our crew, ” I came here and they [the police] were able to tell me that he was in the other building when it happened and I’m so thankful. ” He continued, “My heart goes out to all the people affected. I just want people to love each other.”

Tammy Campbell says she was frustrated over the lack of communication during the hours following the shooting.

“The number that they [FedEx] told us to call had no information at all,” said Campbell. “We got different information each time.”

She is calling on the company to allow workers, like her husband, to have cell phones while they work.

“They need a different type of policy where you contact your employee or allow them to have their cell phones. They gotta change that.”

Another woman whose partner works at FedEx said she found out about the shooting when watching FOX59 Friday morning.

“I said, ‘oh dear God in heaven.’ So at that point the rollercoaster starts and the anticipation starts,” said Vanessa Waters.

She said she eventually found out her loved one was ok and admitted she never thought something like this would happen to her.

“Not once do you think about this happening in your own backyard? You know what I mean? That’s kind of how this is. You hear about these shootings and everything, and of course, you’re praying for the people, for the souls of the people who committed this crime — but never once do you think about it happening in your own back yard.”

Waters ended her interview with a prayer for everyone affected by the tragedy.

One FedEx employee who was working in a different building was able to reunite with his family after the shooting.

Jose Lara said at first, all they knew was that there was an active shooter situation and not much else.

“It was very nerve wracking. Were they going to come to our job?” questioned Lara. “It was a lot to process.”

One of Lara’s loved ones told reporters, “I’m just happy he’s alive. I’m happy he’s ok.”

Anyone who was at the facility and left for medical attention or for their own safety is asked to call 317-262-TIPS (8477) or contact IMPD homicide detectives at 317-327-3475.