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INDIANAPOLIS — It’s been one year since the FedEx mass shooting claimed the lives of eight Hoosiers and our community is continuing to heal.

For those who experienced that day, the workers, families, first responders and investigators, it’s one we will never forget.

“My heart stopped,” said Kimble Richardson, a licensed mental health counselor who assisted families and first responders that day. “I kept thinking this was my Hoosiers. My brother and sisters.”

Within hours of the mass shooting, Richardson was on the scene comforting families and first responders. 

“You’re almost in shock for a year,” Richardson said. “You’re just trying to absorb did what happen, really happen?”

He has continued counseling first responders who witnessed that day. “You try to come to terms with how to not just become a survivor but a thriver,” Richardson said.

He says that starts with acknowledging your pain and seeking support. “There are people who specialize in grief and I would encourage them to do that,” Richardson said.

Richardson says anniversaries are important and encourages community members to pay their respects today.

While our community continues to grieve the eight lives lost in this senseless tragedy, we’re reminded of the importance of coming together.

There are so many lives that will be forever impacted by this tragedy. We’ve collected a list of resources to help those still processing the events of that day: