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INDIANAPOLIS — It’s been nearly 72 hours since the tragedy at a FedEx facility on Indy’s southwest side that claimed the lives of 8 people. They were friends, children, and most of all loved ones.

We’re learning more about 32-year-old Matthew Alexander who was a linehaul coordinator at the facility.

“The world lost a great man, great friend, great family member and it’s unfortunate,” said Matt’s friend Ryan Wegeng.

His long-time friend is still trying to process the tragedy that occurred Thursday night.

“I sent him a text, ‘Hey, think this is your place, everything alright?’ And unfortunately, didn’t hear back. And as the day went on it just got harder and harder and feared for the worse,” said Wegeng.

He’s now cherishing the memories forever etched in his heart.

“Hard to remember a time not knowing Matt,” said Wegeng.

Wegeng and Alexander grew up in Avon together, went to middle school and high school together, and played just about every sport under the sun.

“He was always playing basketball, playing baseball, playing something.”

Matt was a 2007 alum of the Avon Orioles baseball team and gained the nickname “Automatic.”

Matt and Ryan’s friendship first kicked off when they were on the golf team in middle school. Years later he became Ryan’s college roommate at Butler and a groomsman in his wedding.

“He was always there for you, could count on him, just one of those friends that you knew that they would be there for you and that’s tough to come by,” said Wegeng.

It’s even tougher now that Matthew is gone.

“We were texting last week about random sports stuff like normal. It’s going to be hard because I’m going to miss a friend you just can’t replace and a person,” said Wegneng.

Through the midst of this tragedy Wegeng is learning something, and he wants to share that with everyone regardless, if you’ve experienced a loss or not.

“I think it teaches you to hug your loved ones a little bit more and tell your friends you love them. Not something you always say,” said Wegeng.

Matt was honored by the Avon Orioles on Saturday by allowing his father Bradley to throw the first pitch.