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One day after two IMPD officers were stabbed on the near north side, Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police president Rick Snyder made an appearance on a national talk show.

Snyder appeared on Fox & Friends Thursday morning and took part in a discussion with other FOP leaders about recent crime in America.

During his segment, Snyder said a large issue right now is the justice system allowing repeat violent offenders to continue to be released. He said that badly impacts both law enforcement and communities.

“It goes back to what’s driving this: lack of trust and respect really for law enforcement,” began Snyder. “It’s when the residents in the community, residents in the neighborhoods see: the officers make the arrest, but see that violent offender return right back to that neighborhood, often within hours.”

He continued, “It dilutes the process and it dilutes the ability of the officers to be able to solve the problems in the community. We’re reminded this is not a gun violence issue. It’s not a knife violence issue. It’s not a car violence issue. It’s a human violence issue. And until we start to address these issues of the heart, none of this is really going to improve.”

Snyder also held a press conference Wednesday, calling on lawmakers to enact tougher laws that would help prevent repeat offenders and reform bail.