Indianapolis grandmother delivers grandson in car

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Little Mtabisi Moyo is only a few days old, but he already has the story of a lifetime.

It all happened in the family car. Mom says she just ran out of time when her contractions went from 30 minutes apart to about 15 minutes apart.

“Then I just went from 15 to 10 to five minutes to two minutes,” said Carol Moyo.

Her husband was at work so she called her mom for help. Carol Moyo’s mother Catherine Mangozhe said they needed to get to the hospital in a hurry.

“We drove and as we entered the interstate she says, ‘Oh, mom my water is broken,’” Catherine said. “I said, ‘Don’t worry about it you’re okay, just sit tight.’”

At this point, Carol said she was in a lot of pain and was wondering why her mom was driving so slowly.

“Go faster,” Carol told her mother. “Because at one point she’s talking to my husband going 30 miles an hour and I’m like, ‘Mom, you need to move, something is coming out.’”

Her mom said she was doing her best.

“I drove and I tried to pick up the pace and took the police fast line,” Catherine said. “I was traveling 80 and said to myself, ‘If a cop stops me I’ll say thank God, you take over now!’”

At that point, things got serious.

“My legs are up there somewhere and I’m screaming,” Carol said. “So my mom is like, ‘Stop pushing, we have to get to the hospital.’”

“I slowed down and I looked deep under there and I saw some black hair sticking out,” Catherine said.

Then Carole’s mother stopped the car.

“My mom just stopped,” Carol said. “She ran out and she’s trying to flag cars down.”

“I yelled and screamed for help,” Catherine said. “Nobody was stopping. Now every second was counting.”

“She’s trying to call 911,” Carol said. “She’s trying to hold the head and I’m screaming.”

Ready or not–little Mtabisi was on his way.

“I said push,” Catherine said. “The baby’s shoulders were getting a little stuck there. So, I put my hands in, one this side, one the other side and tried to open the way and said oh God its opening and the baby came out and I said, ‘Oh, God you’re awesome.’”

Paramedics arrived and said mother and baby were fine. The baby’s father missed the whole thing—he was stuck in traffic on County Line Road. It was only later that he figured out why traffic was stopped.

“He was stuck in traffic and he didn’t know why,” Carol said. “He was also on County Line. It was us.”

Carol’s mother said Mtabisi is a blessing and glad that she was there to help.

“I’m so thankful my grandbaby and daughter are in good health right now,” Catherine said.

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