INDIANAPOLIS — A local Indianapolis Grubhub driver was recently chosen as one of 20 recipients for Grubhub’s Grant Program.

The program awards 20 Grubhub driver’s across the United States each a $10,000 grant which can be used to support their local community through education, civic engagement, and philanthropic work. “Our drivers play a valuable role to serve restaurants and diners across the country, and we’re proud that our grant program is a way to further their personal and professional development and help them drive more change in their communities,” said Eric Ferguson, Grubhub’s chief operations officer.

“Knowing that the majority of our drivers deliver for Grubhub part-time to fit into their chosen goals, these grants will give drivers a stepping stone to pursue their broader aspirations, benefitting not only them, but the greater good of their community.”

Among the 20 recipients for 2022 is Michelle Rusk, an Indianapolis resident. Michelle chose to put her grant money towards Futbol Field of Dreams, an organization in Guatemala that helps children stay engaged in school through mentorship and soccer programs, where they learn different skills such as teamwork and perseverance. Rusk recently fell in love with a place in Guatemala called Lake Atitlan when she took a leap of faith and went backpacking during the beginning of the pandemic.

Rusk told FOX59 that is was the kids of the area that she knew she needed to help. “It’s true, the kids have a hard time staying in school because their families are so poor and struggling that they need them home,” explained Rusk. Rusk continued to talk about the fact that soccer, or futbol, is what truly allows the kids to be kids in the area. While living in Guatemala for three months, Rusk knew she needed to make a difference and with soccer near and dear to her heart, she knew Futbol Field of Dreams was the perfect organization to support with her $10,000 winnings.

Rusk says she is so thankful to Grubhub not only for her supplemental source of income but also for allowing her to continue to grow and help others grow through her philanthropic work.

If you are a current Grubhub employee and are interested in applying for the grant in the future, you can visit Grubhub’s grant information page on their website for more information and to see if you qualify.