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INDIANAPOLIS — A recent review of Indianapolis’ violence issues, specifically involving guns, from March 2018 to February 2020 found around 75% of people had multiple arrests before the homicide. IMPD said on average, both suspects and victims had more than 5 prior arrests.

“The suspects, on average, were arrested at least seven times by the time of the homicide incident,” Allison Davids, Intelligence Analyst at the Crime Gun Intelligence Center, said.

The report by the National Institute of Criminal Justice Reform also said at least 39% of homicides involve a group of three or more people committing violence. In these homicides, they are either the victim, suspect or both.

Assistant Chief Chris Bailey said these statistics do challenge people’s trust of accountability in the system.

“Absolutely,” Bailey said. “Police legitimacy is not just a buzzword. It goes to the heart of what we do. Without people believing that the laws they’re following and that the authority they provide in us will work, then the system starts to break down.”

Every day, the Crime Gun Intelligence Center works to disrupt cycles of shootings through evidence analysis. CGIC focuses on guns used multiple times in multiple crimes, seizing those guns and holding shooters accountable.

“It is a critical tool in combatting the violent crime that Indianapolis as a whole is experiencing,” Bailey said.

Bailey adds each arrest can be a contact point to change a person’s trajectory. He’s hopeful the tens of millions of dollars proposed this budget season for things like mental health, more officers and more violence interrupters will make a difference.

“We have an obligation not only to put people in jail for violating crime, those dangerous people, those people that we are scared of, but we have a more important obligation to help those from getting this point in the first place,” Bailey said.