Indianapolis high school installs ‘intruder-resistant’ glass


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Within the last month, Decatur Central High School installed “intruder-resistant” glass. 

Administrators tell us it is now at three main entrances at the school. It is supposed to make it harder for an intruder to get inside.

The company who manufactures the glass, School Guard Glass, said it is not bullet proof but even if someone shootings it hundreds of times, the person can not break a hole in it to enter.

School Guard Glass said their product was also installed at the new Sandy Hook Elementary School.

“When they go off to school you think that is the safest place,” said Jeneene West. “It is not the same world we are in when we were younger.”

West’s son is a junior at Decatur Central High School. She applauded the district for taking another step to keep her kids safe.

A demonstration of the product shows a person using a hammer to break the glass. It cracks but it never breaks.

Decatur Township Schools did not have to pay for the project. The cost was covered by a state grant.

“I believe that is wonderful because I think anything we can do to help if it slows them down that would them time to call emergency call police,” West said.

Principal Scott DeFreese said school officials looked at a number of avenues to make students safer in the district and he considered this product the next step.

The stronger something is the longer it takes for someone who has bad intentions to get into our building,” he said.

It’s a next step other school districts are looking at too. Last year, several administrators went to a gun range in Gas City to attend a demonstration of a different product, a bullet resistant glass.

The demonstration was held by a company called Ballistiglass, which is based out of Parkland, Florida.

In Crothersville, the school district installed a film to make their windows shatterproof. The product came from a Columbus-based company called Indiana Glass Coating. The owner said at least four school districts in Indiana are using his product.

Back in Indianapolis, this glass is giving Decatur Township parents peace of mind. Administrators hope to arm more campuses with it.

“Anything we can do to take an extra step to protect our children makes me feel good inside,” West said.

Video demonstration provided by School Guard Glass: 

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