Indianapolis Indians bending the rules slightly during excessive heat warning

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – There are a lot of events happening outside during these extremely hot temperatures.  Some events have been canceled because of it; but other events are still as planned.

The Indianapolis Indians say their games will still be happening despite this hot weather, but they’re bending their rules slightly to make sure their guests stay hydrated.

Starting tonight through Sunday the Indianapolis Indians are allowing fans to bring in their own 20 ounce bottled water or smaller;  because it’s hot.

They would typically only allow it in the lawn area.

“You’re still welcomed to bring a cooler if you’re sitting in the lawn. We just ask you enter through the center field gate or right center field gate,” Director of Communications for the Indianapolis Indians Charlie Henry said.

They’re also going to have more EMT’s on standby in case they run into any issues and their misting fan swill be on all weekend long.

“It’s always pretty popular on summer days with kids. I think this weekend you might see a little more adults running through and getting themselves wet,” Henry said.

The Indianapolis Indians wants people to have fun but do so while being hydrated.

If you plan to come Sunday to yoga in the outfield they want to remind fans to bring water and towels.

The Indians will provide extra water.

State police says if you’re going to be outside; have a plan.

“You got to plan knowing it’s going to be hot, hydrate early, and have an idea of how long you’re going to be outside. You need to have the appropriate water, wet towel, and shade,” Indiana State Police Sgt. John Perrine said.

State police expects to see a lot of people out soaking up the sun this weekend.

Thousands are expected to attend Indiana Black Expo’s Music Heritage Festival on Friday.

Crews have been busy today setting up for the concert.

They’re encouraging anyone coming to stay hydrated the best they can

“One of the first signs of heat exhaustion is that you stop sweating,” Sgt. John Perrine said.

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