Indianapolis is one of the ‘rattiest’ cities in the country

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. —Indianapolis just received a not-so-great distinction.

According to pest control company Orkin, the Circle City is one of the “rattiest” cities in the country--16th to be exact.

Orkin says the ranking is based on the number rodent treatments performed in the last year. Chicago, Los Angeles and New York took the top three spots.

Local pest control experts said rats can be a problem in Indy but added that typically the rodents tend to gravitate towards areas close to downtown, while field mice tend to populate areas outside the city.

“We get a lot of calls for mice this time of year,” Jamal Shah, owner of Bug Boss Termite and Pest Control said.

Shah says there are a few things people can do to make sure they’re home doesn’t become a hotel for rats and mice:

  • Check your property/home for points of entry. Rats only need a space the size of a quarter to squeeze into a home and mice only need a space the size of a dime. Garages, windows, and home foundations are common entry points.
  • Don’t leave food or crumbs/spills around your home. Rats and mice look to be close to a food source--don’t make it easy for them.
  • Check for droppings; if you see them, then chances are rats or mice are already in your home.

“After they get in, they’re going to stay in,” Shah said.

Once rats or mice are in your home, Shah says they tend to multiply quickly, which makes it all the more important to seek out help from a pest control professional ASAP.

“And that mouse in a year can lay up to 2-12 babies every few months,” he said.

Shah recommends laying traps as a preventative measure in places like garages. He also recommends using materials like gravel or pebbles to line the border of a home’s foundation to make it harder for mice and rats to get through. He also recommends keeping any landscaping a few feet from the home so as not to give the rodents a place to enter.


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