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INDIANAPOLIS – Mayor Greg Ballard has upgraded the city’s travel emergency level to red.  This represents the highest level making it illegal for anyone to drive except for emergency personnel, emergency purposes or seeking shelter.  The Mayor intends to re-evaluate the situation at noon and provide further updates shortly thereafter. The last time the City of Indianapolis issued a travel warning was during the 1978 blizzard.

“Today’s heavy snow and the rapidly falling temperatures make it unsafe for anyone to drive in Marion County,” said Mayor Ballard.


The extreme cold and Indianapolis Power & Light (IPL) forecast of prolonged power outages also prompted the Mayor to open emergency shelter locations at 17 Indy Parks as quickly as possible and the Mayor’s Action Center (MAC) for residents to call if they need assistance reaching a shelter.

“IPL says people who have lost power should not expect it to be restored in the next 24 to 48 hours.  People without a safe alternative source of heat need to seek alternative shelter with a friend, family member, neighbor or make your way to one of our City shelter facilities,” said Mayor Ballard.

Meteorologists expect the temperature to begin quickly dropping in Indy reaching lows around -17 tomorrow.  Below zero temperatures are forecast through Wednesday.

Indy residents who cannot secure transportation to a shelter location should call the Mayor’s Action Center (MAC) at 327-4MAC to arrange for transportation.

People can also call the below organizations for assistance during the storm, if necessary:

Animal Care and Control: 317-327-1388

IMPD Non-Emergency: 317-327-3811

Marion County Emergency Operations Center: 317-487-6229
Indianapolis Fire Department: Call 911

Below is a list of the current status of emergency shelter locations.

Facility Address Status
Bethel Park Family Center 2850 Bethel Avenue Open
Broad Park Ripple Family Center 1550 Broad Ripple Avenue Open
Brookside Park Family Center 3500 Brookside Parkway S. Drive Open
Christian Park Family Center 4200 English Avenue Open
Douglass Park Family Center 1616 E. 25th Street Open
Garfield Park Burrello Family Center 2345 Pagoda Drive Open
JTV Hill Family Center 1806 Columbia Avenue Open
Krannert Park Family Center 605 S. High School Road Open
Municipal Gardens Family Center 1831 Lafayette Road Open
Pride Park Family Center 1129 S. Vandeman Street Estimated Opening 10:30pm
Raymond Park Facility Hours 8575 E. Raymond Street Open
Rhodius Park Family Center 1720 W. Wilkins Street Open
Riverside Park Family Center 2420 N. Riverside E. Drive Open
Thatcher Park Family Center 4649 W. Vermont Street Open
Washington Park Family Center 3130 E. 30th Street Open
Watkins Park Family Center 2360 Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Street Open
Windsor Park Family Center 6510 E. 25th Street Open

Via Mayor Ballard’s Office press release