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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indianapolis had three murders in the first five days of 2018.

The latest happened Friday night around 10 p.m. just south of 38th and Mitthoeffer, which is in the area where the Ten Point Coalition plans to expand its patrols this year.

“People are already looking forward to it. We’ve had people in the community say, ‘hey we hope The Ten Point can do it. We are very grateful for them coming out to do that work because it is very, very hard work,’” Fervent Prayer Church Pastor James Jackson said.

Jackson has been a pastor in that area of town for 23 years and said one of his employees at the church was a relative of the victim from Friday. Police have yet to identify the 19-year-old man who was shot and killed.

Jackson said unfortunately the news of the young man’s death didn’t come as a total shock to the family.

“Unfortunately, particularly black families aren’t surprised and that troubles me,” Jackson said. “It used to be our families and our friends and people that we work with, interact with were just devastated, extremely surprised, but a lot of our young people are not expecting to live beyond 25.”

To change that attitude, Jackson asked his long-time friend, Reverend Charles Harrison, to bring the Ten Point Coalition to the east side to help clean up the streets.

However, those patrols have been put on hold so far this year due to the extremely cold temperatures Indianapolis has had.

“Generally when it’s below zero very few, if anybody gets killed and crime goes down,” Jackson said. “But there’s a new caliber of criminal out here that have no regard for temperature, no regard for government, no regard for god and if they feel and think they need to kill somebody they are going to do it regardless.”

Reverend Harrison said Friday night’s murder has, “heightened the urgency,” for him and other members of the coalition to get out and start walking the streets near 38th and Mithoeffer and 42nd and Post.

“We think we can add to a lot of the good things that are already being done so we can get control of the violence that we seem to have in this city and is really plaguing young men of color,” Harrison said.

Harrison added he hopes to begin the new patrols in that part of town on Tuesday or Wednesday nights of this week.