Indy man charged with police impersonation after threatening to arrest two girls


Shadrack Akoi

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – An Indianapolis man is facing felony charges after allegedly impersonating a police officer.

Marion county prosecutors claim Shadrack Akoi threatened to arrest a pair of young girls during a confrontation at an apartment complex on the near northwest side.

According to court records, the crime started when a family had car trouble. The victim drove onto the grass of his apartment complex to hook up jumper cables to a car with a dead battery.

That’s when the man and his two daughters say they were confronted by a man who claimed to be a police officer.

Court records detail how Akoi allegedly threatened to ticket the driver and arrest his daughters, ages 6 and 12, if they didn’t get off the grass.

The victims ran back to their apartment after they say the suspect flashed a handgun. Once inside, the family called 911.

“Anytime someone feels they’re confronted by an impersonator, they need to give 911 a call and dispatch a real officer,” said IMPD officer Jim Gillespie.

Gillespie says anytime people suspect they’re being confronted by a police impersonator, the best advice is to call 911 to verify the situation.

People can also ask to see an officer’s ID or ask to call a supervisor to confirm the officer confronting them is legit.

“We always preach self-awareness. If you feel something’s not right, call 911 and let us sort it out for you,” said Gillespie.

The suspect was still on scene at the apartment complex when police arrived. After his arrest, Akoi told police he works as a security guard, but not at the complex where the incident took place.

According to the affidavit, when police arrested Akoi they also found a bag of marijuana in his coat pocket, as well as a gun without a legal permit.

The suspect was able to post bond and was released pending trial.

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