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An Indianapolis man comes home to find two teens who had broken in to his apartment and were stealing his stuff! He caught them in the act, then chased them after they took off!

An ID card from Ben Davis High School, as well as a report card, both with separate names, are what the police report says investigators found. Whether that stuff belongs to the teens remains unknown. The victim walks us through the drama from start to finish, and says it happened even though he did all of the right things to protect himself.

“I come open the door and I hear, inside, rustling, and I’m confused, like, there’s nobody else who lives here. Then I open the door and I see two guys, one near the patio door, and another (standing right here). They see me and bolt right out of the door,” said Willie Robinson.

And, the marathon through the apartment complex began…

“While I was running after them, I was yelling for people to call police. Unfortunately, they were younger, they had a good head start on me, so I didn’t catch up,” said Robinson.

Police quickly arrived and they discovered Willie’s TV, DVDs, video game console and some games were stashed in a wooded area behind his apartment. Along with the stolen property, police found a book bag with a Ben Davis ID card and a report card. Both of them named different students. A short time later…

“I noticed my apartment key was taken, as well as my spare car key. First reaction that I had, come out and make sure my car was still here,” said Robinson, “and it was gone.”

Robinson thinks they (suspects) came back and took that after police left. It’s since been returned to him. Robinson thinks the teens sliced through this screen and forced open a locked window.

“For right now, I’ve changed all my locks, I make sure I use my alarm even when I’m home and I plan to move to a second floor.”

The police report did list a 14 and 16 year old as suspects, but it’s not clear if they’ve been arrested.

Even more ways to protect yourself, Willie suggests knowing your neighbors. He says that paid off because they helped him by calling 911. Also, never be afraid to tell police about any suspicious activity.