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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind (April 20, 2015)– An Indianapolis man says his ear was bitten off after a neighborhood feud went too far.

“If I bit his ear off, I’m sorry. This wouldn’t have happened if he would have just left us alone like I asked him to,” said Frank Walton.

“The only thing that is left of my ear is the inner part and my lobe,” said Michael Bragg.

Bragg says he fought with Walton on Saturday. He claims it stems from the numerous noise complaints he has filed against Walton in the past.

“It looked like someone bit it, chewed it and spit it out,” said Bragg.

Bragg says he was sitting on his porch when he was enticed to fight with his neighbors.

“Every neighborhood has got your bad apple in the barrel. Unfortunately, ours lives right across the street,” said Bragg.

“I didn’t start the trouble, he started the trouble,”said Walton.

Walton shares a much different version of the story. He says Bragg came over to his house earlier in the week and had a heated exchange with one of his family members.

“He swings and hits me and we started to fight,’ said Walton.

“Instinct kicks in, I’ve got three guys in front of me one of them punched me. I got to  do something to defend myself–so I started swinging,” said Bragg.

Walton says he was forced to defend himself after Bragg approached his house looking for a fight.

“I hit him with a brick or something to get him off me,” said Walton.

“The head injury was from a brick.  It looks like hamburger,” said Bragg.

At that point, Bragg says he went back into his house and grabbed a golf club.

“When he bit my ear off it sent me into a rage,” said Bragg.

“He gets a golf club, he comes back over here again, hits me with the golf club and I protected myself,” said Walton.

IMPD was called to the scene. Both men and a witness were interviewed. The responding officers said no arrests have been at this time since it’s not clear who initiated the fight. Also, both men claimed that they were fighting in self defense.