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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indianapolis resident Jeff Frank won $100,000 playing HQ, an app-based, online trivia game.

This past Sunday, HQ hosted its season four finale, which was a winner-take-all event. After 22 questions, Frank was the last person standing, making him the big winner!

Frank is a huge trivia buff and has been playing HQ for about two years. He says he enjoys playing trivia with his girlfriend, who was with him when he won the big prize!

“I was in Vegas. It was a magical place in the casino in the hotel room, and I knew some things, guessed some things, I survived some savage questions and I was the last one standing and they gave me $100K,” said Frank.

Frank plans to use his money for practical things like paying off his car, but also wants to have some fun and take some trips.

There are HQ Trivia games every night – to learn more about them, click here.