Indianapolis March Madness bracket sets world record


INDIANAPOLIS — A tradition in Indianapolis just earned a spot in the world record books.

When the city hosts big events like the Indy 500, or the Big Ten tournament, a new mural goes up on the J.W. Marriott downtown.

Since Indiana is the sole site for the NCAA college basketball tournament, city leaders put up a massive March Madness bracket. It is over 47,000 square feet and took 100 hours to print and 5 days to install it.

That makes it the biggest bracket ever made.

“When we put the Final Four bracket up, it basically was an eye opener,” said Frank Hancock with Sport Graphics. “I remember coming down and people stopping their cars on the street getting out and taking pictures and nobody honking or anything, everyone was in awe of it.”

Indy originally set the record back in 2015, the first year they put the bracket on the J.W. but that bracket was about 15 to 20 feet smaller than this one.

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