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SPEEDWAY, INDIANA (July 9, 2015) – A new tool is available for students who rely on assistive technology and it was developed in Indianapolis.

Lectio is an assistive technology app now available on iTunes specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals with dyslexia or other language-related learning disabilities at home, in the classroom and in the community.

“Lectio allows a user to self-select text and have it read on the fly using their smart phone.

No more scanning and planning and sitting at a computer. Instead, if someone needs help with a word you just take a picture, touch a button and it is read aloud,” says Lectio creator Kris Parmelee.

The idea came about when Indy mother Kris Parmelee was fed up with seeing her son struggle with the learning disorder, dyslexia.

“My middle son Sam has dyslexia. He was diagnosed in the middle of first grade. So I spent five years searching for technology for him to use in the classroom that met his needs. I kept coming up empty handed, so I created it,” says Parmelee.

She says Sam constantly had to ask for help at home and school and would have to carry around bulky technology.  Now, he only has to use his cell phone.
“You launch the app, take a picture of the text and press the highlighted word,” says Parmelee.

You don’t need internet , so users say the app is a quick, easy and temporary fix for dyslexia…affecting more than 3 million people each year in the U.S.

Now, the Parmelee’s hope their app can help others who struggle with language related learning disabilities.

“This is not a disability that you can take a pill for or fix it. This is a lifelong challenge. Lectio will help those people throughout the course of their life,” says Parmelee.