Indianapolis mother who left 14-month-old alone had done it before

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New information has been uncovered in the case of the Indianapolis mother who reportedly left her 14-month-old child inside a hotel room.  Most shockingly, is the fact that this mom has left the same child behind before.

After what Talisha Evans did, police said, her children could be taken away from her on a more permanent basis.  Police reports reveal new details the woman who left her son alone at the Motel 6 in Speedway Tuesday night. The child was found wandering around outside, before being taken care of, by total strangers.

“Somehow the child was able to open the door and get out of the room,” sai Jim Thiele with the Speedway Police Department.

In the police report, Evans told police she left the child in room 167, because “he was sleeping.”  She said she would have been back sooner, but “her car broke down.”  She later told officers she simply “ran out of gas.”

Evans has done something similar before, with the same child.  In Feb. 2012, Evans left the boy in her car, as she went into an Indianapolis Meijer to shop, police said. Back in February of 2012 Evans was arrested and charged with neglect.

She is still on probation for criminal recklessness. Officers knew this when they questioned her at the Motel 6, but still let her go.

All of Evans’ children are now with the Department of Child Services.

“We will continue to investigate all of the details that lead up to this, as will the Department of Child Services,” said Thiele.  “They will take the action that they feel is appropriate and likewise we will do the same.”

We called Speedway Police several times, and left several messages, to try and find out why Evans was not arrested again.  We did not get a single call back.

As for Evans, she will not be staying at the Motel 6 in Speedway anymore, she has been put on the “do not rent list.”

Fox59 has learned she will stay at another motel while she gets ready to go before DCS to try and get her kids back.

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