Indianapolis police offer peace of mind to neighbors while they vacation

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Indianapolis police offer their eyes and ears while neighbors are on vacation in hopes of protecting their property while they are away. People just need to visit to ask for extra patrols.

Those wanting the extra patrol from police just need to complete the form by filling out a few questions about their belongings.

“We call it a ‘PWP,’ but it’s a patrol when possible,” officer Nick Wroblewski said. “They put it on our pending screen and we can stop by and check on their house.”

Wroblewski said he is surprised the department does not receive more requests for patrol while people are gone.

“Calling us is never a bother,” Wroblewski said. “If you see something that’s out of the ordinary, nobody knows better than you what’s ordinary for your street.”

During Tuesday’s interview with FOX59, Wroblewski stressed several times the importance of neighbor relationships.

“During day shift especially, we get a lot of burglary apprehensions just by neighbors calling in saying that they see suspicious activity,” Wroblewski said. “Man, neighbor relationships are probably the best thing there is as far as safety and security and crime prevention because not only do you know your normal and your abnormal and your routines, but so do your neighbors.”

In addition to their offer, police encourage people to leave lights on in different rooms of their homes and outside too, ask a neighbor to collect the mail, trim all bushes near windows so people cannot break-in unseen, document all serial numbers on expensive items and consider installing security cameras.

“They have been very helpful,” Wroblewski said. “Especially with some of the shootings that we’ve had when we’ve had houses shot at over on the west side, it’s kind of been a thing lately, and we get a lot of good leads on things like that especially from surveillance cameras.”

Neighbors Joyce and Phil Stark live in the area Wroblewski patrols. They said they installed extra lighting outside and in front of their home. They have lived in the house for nearly three decades and also stressed the importance of knowing the people who live in your neighborhood.

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