Indianapolis residents concerned about downtown shootings involving teenagers

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. –  IMPD and community groups are outraged more and more teenagers are being involved in gun violence.

The most recent incident comes after a 14-year-old was shot in the hand and a 16-year-old was apprehended Friday night in connection to the shooting in downtown Indianapolis.

Every day people living in The Circle City are tired of it too.

“I’m out and about all the time with my grand baby downtown and it’s a concern because I don’t ever know when that is going to strike,” Indianapolis resident Amauunet Ashe said.

Witnesses told police there was some sort of confrontation between the teenagers and some older adults; which led to the shooting Friday night.

“Don’t get me wrong Indianapolis is very family friendly but there is a key word there; family; not teen friendly. This is a bar district area, restaurant, and shopping. 14-year-old’s and 16-year-old’s shouldn’t be down here by themselves unsupervised,” IMPD Major Harold Turner said.

Last month, there was another shooting downtown that injured six people.

Police say a fight between teenagers resulted in bullets flying.

“It’s going to hurt the downtown; eventually,” Indianapolis resident Mary Holmes said.

Police say they’re working hard to stop the violence.

“For the individuals that may or may not have allowed these teenagers to have guns we are going to try and come after you as well if we can figure that out,” Major Turner said.

Folks say these shootings concern them, but they must keep living.

“Stay calm and carry on. Do what you need to do, so we need to adapt that kind of attitude because if we don’t the criminals win,” Holmes said.

Investigators are still looking into the shooting from last night. Anyone with information about it should call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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