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INDIANAPOLIS — A 13-year-old in Indianapolis is on a mission this holiday season. After seeing first-hand the impact of gun violence in our community, Reese Hamilton wants to give people hope.

“I want to bring back some positivity from all the negativity,” Hamilton said. “I’ve seen murders and murders after murders on the news, so it’s time to change.”

This Christmas Eve, Hamilton plans to leave stockings on people’s porches, so they wake up to a surprise on their doorsteps. He needs help filling those stockings.

He’s hosting a stocking stuffer drive on Dec. 19 from 10-5 p.m. near 25th and Sherman, next to Safeway. He’s asking for stockings, cookies, candy, toiletries, sticky notes, mini bears, and other gifts.

The Reese’s Blue Ribbon Project started when Hamilton was 8 years old and wanted to stop the violence in his community. Over the years, he has organized peace marches, delivered food and supplies and left surprise kindness packages.

After a year of record-breaking violence in Indianapolis, he wanted to do something again this year to spread a little love this Christmas.

“People are needing hope. People have no hope for the city,” Hamilton said. “People just don’t care, which we need to care. This is our city, and we’re going to take it back.”

Cash donations are also being accepted through the cashapp — $reeseblueribbon