Indianapolis women say medical transport company took mom on ‘dangerous ride’

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Two Indianapolis women are calling out a medical transport company they say took their mother on a dangerous ride.

Dahyrealle Parker and Nicole Woods say their mother texted them Wednesday afternoon as she was on her way to a doctor’s appointment. She told her daughter she was in a medical transport van sent by her insurance, but the ride wasn’t going smoothly.

“And she said she was scared, and she was frustrated, and the driver was driving reckless,” Parker said.

Later, Parker said her mother sent photos from inside the ride showing the van’s seat belts weren’t in working order. In the photos, the belts appeared tied in a knot rather than secured with the usual locking mechanism.

Another picture appeared to show a passenger on the floor. Their mother told them the woman fell during the trip and the seat belts did not secure her.

“It was plain and clear the negligence that took place on this ride,” Woods said.

The women say the company in question was Spotlight Transportation, described on a Facebook page as a “privately owned non-emergency medical transportation provider.” Woods says she filed a complaint against the company and received a response from transportation management company Southeast Trans. The message apologized and said the company would look into the matter.

FOX59 reached out to both Southeast Trans and Spotlight Transportation.  A representative from Spotlight Transportation said the company wouldn’t issue a statement. As of Thursday evening, Southeast Trans has not sent a response.

Parker and Woods say they hope to see immediate changes.

“For anybody else that wants to take a ride with this transportation company, that they won’t have anything to worry about because somebody before them handled the situation,” Woods said.

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