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CARMEL, Ind. – If you live in Carmel, you’ve seen it. Construction’s still underway at the Mormon temple at the corner of 116th Street and Spring Mill Road. It’s a project the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints first announced back in 2010. Now, we have word the temple will open sometime in 2015.

It’s a huge development for Mormons in Indiana, for their faith, but it’s also significant because people will travel to a sacred site, and that brings economic development.

“It’s really an exciting time,” said David Kinard, President of the Indianapolis North Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He said the temple will bring people to Carmel. Currently, area Mormons travel to Louisville, Kentucky to go to temple. Temple is a place in the Mormon faith where members receive endowments, and participate in weddings and some baptisms.

Having one near Indianapolis is a needed change, according to Kinard.

“How often do we go to the temple, as often as we can and because there will be a temple in Indianapolis, it will create more opportunities for members here in Indiana,” he said.

Plus, Kinard said other Mormons could come to the region to go to temple, even staying in hotels. Other church members may want to move to the area.

“I think it’s fair to say that there are members of the church who will move to the area, who want to live close to the temple, so there may be some impact that way,” said Kinard.

Before the temple’s dedicated, the public will be allowed inside during a six-week open house. Kinard said they expect thousands to visit.

“We look forward to welcoming these folks, and it’s good economic development for central Indiana as well,” said Jim Brainard, Carmel Mayor.

Decisions about when the temple could be finished are not public. They are made by church leadership in Salt Lake City, but we do know it will be sometime in 2015.