INDOT begins strip patching as more drivers complain about potholes on Indy highways


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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Pothole problems continue to be a headache for drivers on local interstates.

While INDOT says they’re working on it, drivers say a fix isn’t coming fast enough now that weather is no longer a factor in getting the job done.

Drivers have had a rocky commute for months, and we’ve received numerous emails and phone calls about it.

FOX59 took those concerns to the Indiana Department of Transportation after we were told last week work would start. They told us a fix is coming, but not as fast as even they would like.

“Things are still preliminary right now. We’re still ironing out details on this particular project. But there is a project in the works,” INDOT spokesman Lamar Holliday said.

A drive around Indianapolis and outlying areas is anything but smooth sailing.

“My son, he’s bent two rims and my daughter had a tire blown completely off the car with the rim bent. So in all, probably $1,000 worth of repairs,” driver Patrick Farhar said.

He said it was time to make some noise and voice his concerns and thought brighter days would be here by now.

“We’ve had this problem for months now, and every time I hear about when they’re going to fix it, well you have to wait until better weather and I don’t know how much better the weather can get,” Farhar said.

INDOT says they’re working on it, but the pothole remedy won’t come overnight. They’re still in the preliminary phase of coming up with a major project to smooth out your ride.

“I know we’re asking people to be patient and I know it’s kind of getting old for them to hear that. But that’s what we’re asking people. We’re getting out there soon as we can to do the work,” Holliday said.

INDOT says money isn’t the problem. They just don’t have enough bodies to tackle the full load.

“We’re a little understaffed but we’re addressing that. We’re trying to hire people to come in and be a part of our maintenance teams and our construction team,” Holliday said.

While the frustration continues and drivers continue to bump along, INDOT says all they can ask is that you hold on tight.

“We drive the same roads as you do and we’re just as frustrated as you are. So we’re working behind the scenes to iron out these details so that way when we go out and fix it, it is fixed,” Holliday said.

INDOT started strip patching Wednesday night. So be on the lookout for crews working overnight. If you would like to report a pothole, you can call the hotline at 1-855-463-6848. Make sure you have an exact location so that info can be forwarded on to construction crews.

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