INDOT crews working to keep roads safe

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Plow trucks are having a difficult time keeping the roads clear with all the heavy snow.

The Indiana Department Transportation’s media director, Mallory Duncan, said as the temperature drops the roads will become slicker. Some Hoosiers decided to brave the snow, but are taking it very slow while out driving.

“I was in Florida the last three years and it’s just unbelievable how much it’s coming down now,” Cameron Schoolcraft said.

There was a lot less traffic in downtown Indianapolis, but the snow and the ice didn’t stop everyone from going out.

“As long as I have four wheel drive, I guess I can get around pretty well but turning corners is pretty slick,” Zach Hughes said.

The roads are going to become even slicker as the temperature drops.

“It’s getting worse out there and visibility is probably going to be a lot worse. Hopefully I will be able to get back okay,” Hughes said.

INDOT has pulled out more than 200 trucks to make the interstates safe for traveling. The snow and heavy wind are making driving difficult for INDOT crews, but Duncan said they’re trained for it.

“The wind is going to create lower visibility and it will keep our truck drivers going a little slower,” Duncan said.

Roads are still covered in snow and slick spots.

“The biggest thing about temperature drops is salt. We are trying to get these roads clear of ice and clear of any slick spots and black ice; which will be a major problem on our interstates,” Duncan said.

Though the snow is pretty to look out, it can be dangerous too.

“Go slow on the roads if they have to be out on this. If you don’t have to be out go ahead and stay home,” Duncan explained.

INDOT plans to reevaluate their plan to figure out how to best keep the roads clear overnight.

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