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INDIANAPOLIS — This weekend, The Indiana Department of Transportation is set to open the North-Split Michigan Street ramp downtown which has been under construction since December of 2020.

This ramp is the first reconstructed ramp to open since the North Split closure in May.

Crews worked to reconstruct the ramp pavement and Saint Clair Street bridge. There are 50 bridges in the North Split interchange.

All of the bridges will be slightly taller and longer than the originals.

The local businesses surrounding the construction area are excited for the opening. They can’t wait for many more individuals driving by their businesses and being able to easily pull off the ramp to check them out.

Mallory Duncan, Communications Director at INDOT, told us that we still need to beware of some things come Monday even with the new ramp open.

“What you need to know – the north split is still closed. This is not – we’re not reopening a year early, it’s just one ramp but it’s another way to get downtown. You know 65 southbound is still closed but you can get on this collector/distributor ramp, and now you’ll have two options for an exit,” she explained.

The new update will be reflected on common GPS apps such as Google Maps and Apple Maps.

For more information on the future of the North Split project, visit The Indiana Department of Transportation’s website.