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INDIANAPOLIS — Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana is set to announce the third year of its “No One Runs On Empty” campaign Wednesday morning. 

They will partner with IMS and Andretti Autosport to raise awareness of food insecurity. 

The point of the campaign is to leverage the popularity of the race to bring attention to this important topic and also to encourage people to get involved. 

“At Gleaners, our motto is we lead the fight against hunger. And any time you’re going to get in a fight, you want the big guys on your side. IMS and the Andretti name to racing… those are the big heavy hitters,” said Chief Operations & Financial Officer of Gleaner’s Food Bank of Indiana Joe Slater. 

It’s something vice president for Andretti Autosport Marissa Andretti says is crucial. 

“I think if you are able to be a platform to share this story and to create that awareness, there’s no better way to do it,” said Andretti. 

“Selfishly we get to do what we love, but also help and do good with it too which is really cool and unique.” 

This year there is a new effort to get dairy into homes called “Winners Give Milk” campaign. 

“I think it’s fun because it creates that greater awareness. That is the goal, right?  So that’s what we want to use our platform for. And milk is very special for the month of May because as local people know and a lot of people in our world know for the Indianapolis 500, winners drink milk and that’s just a fun tie in for that,” said Andretti. 

The point of what they are calling “The Greatest Milk Drive in History” is to collect one million gallons of milk for food insecure neighbors by the end of the year. 

Slater says milk and food diary are some of the least received items at food pantries. 

“We like wins. The 500 is all about winning, the winner gets to drink milk. So as a community, let’s be winners ourselves and let’s give milk and make sure that’s an item that every family can have access to.” 

They also plan to unveil the new race car with the Gleaners logo on it.  

An Andretti Autosport member will drive it in the GMR Grand Prix Saturday. 

When it comes to their new campaign they are also planning to unveil and a new way to donate. Where you can simply text a number from your phone.