INDIANAPOLIS — The fastest and hottest cars in central Indiana are driving over to Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park on Indy 500 weekend. These exotic rides are helping Indiana teens launch their own businesses.

The STARTedUP foundation is an organization that provides seed money and teaching experiences for teens looking to become entrepreneurs.

The organization was started by former Noblesville teacher Don Wettrick. Two of his former students joined him in launching the exotic car show and drag racing exhibition. Car owners will also have the chance to race their own vehicles on the track. All of the proceeds from the event will go toward the foundation and its students.

“One of the things that’s fun about being a teacher is some of the students that I have had, that are entrepreneurs, are able to breathe life into some of these new upcoming students,” said Wettrick.

“I hope this car show motivates people,” said Mario Barron, a local entrepreneur, car enthusiast, and former Wettrick student. “If you want a nice car, or if you want a nice life, you can have it, but you have to work for it. Us humans, we have been entrepreneurs since we were little. Kids are the best sales people ever. ‘Hey Mom! Hey Dad!’ Until they get what they want. I was selling used clothes when I was 4 or 5 years old. Just start [being an entrepreneur]. People wait and tell themselves to wait until I have this, or until I have some of the money, until I have connections, or when I am ready for this. You’re never ready.”

Jay Basler is joining Wettrick and Barron in spearheading this fundraiser. Basler is also a former student of Wettrick’s and is the owner of Jay’s Auto Service. His connections in the exotic car and drag race scene will help bring some of the most luxurious cars to the raceway.

“I will be bringing my pro-touring Camaro to the event,” said Basler. “Anything in Indianapolis turns out great when it comes to any kind of car show or racing event.”

As mentioned above, anyone can bring their own car to the raceway to test run it on the drag strip. Ben Stoner is planning to bring one of his exotic Shelby Mustangs to the track. Stoner owns Fathouse Performance. The local company builds some of the fastest Mustangs in the world.

“We have built numerous 7-second and quarter-mile cars that make over 1800 HP to the wheels,” said Stoner. “We have cars that run mid-7s at 190 mph.”

If you want to check out the show or take your car for a run down the strip, you can get tickets here.