INDIANAPOLIS — Get ready to hear engines roar this Sunday.

As the Indy 500 fast approaches, many are making their final preparations.

But one of the biggest questions for some fans headed to IMS this Sunday: Where can I park?

Speedway Lieutenant Jim Thiele said race spectators need to figure out a game plan before heading out to the track.

There are lots of different avenues leading spectators into the track. Thousands may drive in on Crawfordsville, mosey down 10th Street or motor in on 16th or 30th streets.

Whichever way you come, Thiele said you should make a plan.

With thousands upon thousands descending on IMS, many will already have their parking figured out. Whether its parking inside the motor speedway or outside at one of the available lots like at Speedway High School or the Coke lot.

But for others, it’s going to be a rat race for the best deal and the best spot.

 “There are several lots where private organizations are parking cars as fundraisers. Many of those in the neighborhoods surrounding the track,” said Lieutenant Thiele.

 “The race starts about 6 a.m. and people start coming in and parking and stuff like that in the morning and the earlier the better,” said resident Tom Hicks.

Tom Hicks, who lives two blocks from the racing area, said every year he puts out his parking sign. He said more than 20 people pay to park.

He said it helps race fans and helps his pockets.

“Out on the corner of 20th and Auburn, people usually charge about 50 on average and us all on the block try to stay the same,” said Hicks.

Kristin Nelis said she just loves seeing her block filled with excited fans.

“Yea, we’re ready for them, we’re all out here with our coffee just waiting for people to show up.  People are sitting out here already flagging people down to get a park,” said Nelis.

Police want to remind everyone that if they’re in violation of parking restrictions, they’ll face a $50 fine, plus towing fees.