INDIANAPOLIS — A celebrity chef is bringing her fresh, West Coast-style of cooking to Indianapolis Motor Speedway with new food items for race fans.

As fans wander through IMS, they can expect to pick up some form of a hot dog, burger or even a tenderloin. This is Indiana, after all.

“MasterChef: Legends” champion and Fishers’ own Kelsey Murphy will make you want to take a pit stop at booth 15 when you see her twists on the classic bites. Her booth may look simple, but inside she is cooking up some seriously good eats. 

“My approach for creating the menu was definitely about keeping things that are familiar to the guests, so they see things that are like chicken wings, mac and cheese, Tater Tots,” Murphy said. “When they taste them they realize, ‘Oh, this is a little bit elevated, fresher, really big flavors.’”

When creating her menu for the Indy 500, Murphy knew she had to include items like her famous Asian sticky wings, offered at all her restaurants and athletic facility stands.

“We have some favorites, so, like, my wings travel with me. I cannot take them off. Then, at every stadium we do things just a little bit different, just to customize to who the clientele might be — to make things special for football fans or race fans. (We) really try to tailor the menu. Plus, for my own creative aspect, I really like to change things up,” she said.

She is putting her own twist on classics like Tots by adding bacon jam, Sriracha cheese sauce and pickled onion.

Let’s not forget to mention her Wagyu hot dog with caramelized onions and Dijonnaise or her Sriracha mac and cheese. 

“It blends both the love for Midwestern comfort food but then the tie-in to the chef world. I get to kind of fuse together, and so I think it is a really fun way to bridge that gap with fans, to kind of introduce them to finer food without it feeling fussy,” Murphy said.

If you are someone who prefers the traditional and sticking to classics, Alley Café is serving up tenderloins, hot dogs and burgers in the heart of Gasoline Alley.

You can also opt for a more premium experience, purchasing tickets to the Hulman Café to get your food with a view. There you’ll find premium cocktails, a mac and cheese bar, a nacho station and ribeye.